Valuing Bitcoin in 2023

Hype & ideology on one side, and reactionary scepticism on the other has cloaked much meaningful discussion of bitcoin’s fundamentals & valuation. In our 2021 Valuations Webinar Series we covered various valuation methodologies which have gained some prominence, whether the Stock-to-Flow model or attempts at valuation using various bitcoin specific metrics.

We presented our case that bitcoin must be viewed as money competing with other global monies. As such, a progressive TAM model which tracks bitcoin’s success (or failure) in competing with existing money, is an effective way of arriving at a present and expected future value.

In our 2022 series, we dive deeper into what a bitcoin TAM model consists of and how an attentive investor can track bitcoin’s progress toward being better money.

Topics covered: 

  • The purpose of Bitcoin
  • Exploring the functions of money & monetary competition
  • How fixed properties and relational properties drive bitcoin’s competitive advantage
  • Outline of the different monetary pools where bitcoin is presently competing
  • Overall estimation of current & future TAM (valuation) for bitcoin
  • Speakers keyboard_arrow_down
    James Butterfill Head of Research CoinShares
    Matt Kimmell Digital Asset Analyst CoinShares

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